There is still a mass of ephemeral material available from this period but I have restricted the content, as far as possible, to that with some specific local referemce.

Letters from Lowestoft - the weekly local news sent from a Lowestoft resident to his son, from November 1940 until the end of the war (too many pages to keep it within this site so on a child site - access from the above link).

Royal Naval Patrol Service - a brief account of the Royal Naval presence at five 'stone frigates' in Lowestoft during WW2 can be found on the RNPS Associaton's website.

Air Raid Precautions - a considerable source of ephemeral material from some very ephemeral leaflets through pamphlets, paperback and hardbound booklets.

ARP Equipment - a leaflet of the stock being offered by R. J. Pryce & Co. in Suffolk Road.

Evacuation scheme - notices to householders about the scheme to evacuate children from the cities to quieter areas.

Other leaflets - leaflet distributed to households for purposes other than the above.