Old Lowestoft

This site is provided to showcase, mainly for reference purposes, some of the various ephemeral items that have passed through the hands of Lowestoft bookseller G. A. Michael Sims and also to record some of his research into aspects of the history of Lowestoft. Sometimes a few of the ephemeral items may still be for sale.

Most ephemera is uncommon but not particularly valuable. Only one person can purchase each example that we come across but many can refer to or examine them if we place copies online. Not all lend themselves to this but those that do can then be appreciated by far more people than simply the one purchaser.

Many will be satisfied just to be able to access these details but fortunately for us there will still be those who want to possess the original source, with which we can sympathise and for which we are very grateful! There is nothing quite like having the original document(s) to examine.

As well as the ephemera some other items of local history interest will be parked here as a not illogical place to put them.

This site is dynamic. As more items are prepared for online display so the divisions and/or categories are likely to change. Apologies are offered for this but it might encourage you to recheck the site from time to time!

There is also the site search facility in the banner, not comprehensive but better than nothing.


Mike Sims