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 Images of Fishing Smacks


A selection of original images of sailing vessels from glass negatives and not published elsewhere, with what information is known about them:



BF1936 believed at Lowestoft

BF1936 believed at Lowestoft, named Palm.Cullen at the stern.
The vessel approaching is LT415.


Lowestoft trawler LT492 

Lowestoft trawler LT492 having just come
into the port through the pier heads, 


Lowestoft trawler LT597


Lowestoft trawler LT597, J.W.F.T., at one time owned by AJ and Mrs ES Turner, leaving the quayside of the Lowestoft trawl dock with the Royal Hotel and St. John's church in the background.


Lowestoft trawler LT945


Lowestoft Trawler LT945 Boy Jack, at one time owned by A. J. Turner


Cuckoo air raid warning

1st February 2017 was the 75th anniversary of the raid which led to the installation of the Cuckoo air raid warning at Lowestoft during WW2. The 'imminent danger' alarm to the public of low level hit and run raiders subsequently saved many lives but at the cost of the lives of a mother and two of her children in Victoria Road, Lowestoft.

A more detailed account can be found on the ABfaR blog.



Recent additions

In pre 1914 there is a timeline of the history of 10 Kirkley Cliff, Lowestoft, since 1919 the home of the Lord Kitchener Memorial Holiday Centre.

WW2 Letters from Lowestoft

A collection of letters from Lowestoft, sent by resident A J Turner to his son J P Turner, of local news during WW2 which is linked directly from the WW2 link. AJT was one of the original members of the management team of the Kitchener which is described in the 'background to AJT' on that site.

Floods 1912 Directory

Find the Floods Directory of Lowestoft Fishing Vessels as at 1912 in the pre 1914 section.

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